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Hey Sexy

Stacey is the loudest friend I have ever had. She has this crazy curly hair (that I tried to straighten once or twice without success) and always manages to make me laugh even when I'm going out of my mind. She's infinitely more rational than I am, at least 100 times stronger, and there's a good possibility she's smarter than me, too - though I hate to admit it.

I met her in high school. We carpooled to orchestra together. Our moms made us. She got roped into listening to my Ray stories until I met Mike. She listened to my Mike stories until she met Ian. Then Ian peaced out, so now she listens to my Mike stories again. Stacey may talk louder than most of my friends, but she's the best listener of all of them, too. Talk about multi-tasking - in the midst of listening to all my dramatic tales, she even managed to pay some attention in orchestra rehearsals (when we weren't ditching them to go to The Wiz or Mike's window) and evolve into a totally rockin' flute player! I wish we had had the chanced to play some more duets in high school. I think we would have sounded awesome together. (Did we play one once? I remember playing something when you took me to your flute lesson that one time...)

Here's some more. This girl can bounce back from anything and never miss a beat. It must be those curls. Boing! She's moved more times than me over the past few years. She's headed to grad school, she's taking care of her mom, she's out meeting people and making new friends, and she's gotten over a bad break-up like no one I've ever seen before. She's got enough self-respect and integrity to rule a small country--no, planet. (Actually, Stacey, I think you'd be awesome at ruling a planet. Have you considered a future in intergalactic government?) And, to top it all off, I've got to say, the girl has impeccable taste in music. (I take some credit for that.)

Anyway, Stacey, I hope you find some use for this LiveJournal. I hope you know how glad I am that we find the time to talk again on a regular basis. Thanks for alleviating the headache that is my dramatic existance. (Did you get that play on words? You always used to let me take your Alleve when I had a headache at orchestra...)

By the way, I still maintain that it's too bad that persuasive news article about Woodstock '99 wasn't enough to convince your mom... =)

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